How To Fix Realtek Audio Not Working In Windows 11

Type sound in the Windows 10 search box, then select Sound from the list of results. Some speakers or headphones have their own apps with volume controls. After downloading the driver successfully, click on the Install button in the right to install it. Driver Talent will indentify the missing of the Realtek HD Audio driver and will recommend you to download it. Click on the Download button in the right of the Realtek HD Audio driver to download it.

  • Ensure their products still work even when you upgrade your system.
  • The Taskbar and other related Windows components will blink for a second, indicating that the Windows File explorer service has restarted.
  • Driver conflicts are the most common causes of “no sound” problems.

To restart your graphics card, press the Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B combination on your keyboard. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a graphic artist, or an everyday user wanting HD-quality videos, the graphics card should function properly. If your graphics card has developed some other problems besides the driver issue, there’s a chance that you’d run into an unexpected error. Therefore, there’s no specific method to determine how your computer will react if your hardware has developed some faults.

How to Fix the No Audio Output Device Is Installed Error by Uninstalling your Audio Device

Once you reach the driver page, there’s an option called See Recommended Downloads. This is what we recommend using because it provides a single executable that you can launch to install all the drivers you chose from the web page. However, there’s also a manual option where you download each driver update one at a time, but then installation is also manual. Use one, and you won’t need to deal with Device Manager so much to update drivers manually, nor will you need to find and download drivers from manufacturers’ websites. While there are others we could include in this list, we’ve omitted them because they either are too restrictive or include malware.

On Friday, the company released audio drivers for Windows 10 and 11 installations for the Steam Deck. The software is necessary for playing sound from the device’s built-in speakers or 3.5mm headphone jack if you dump SteamOS for Microsoft’s operating system. Previously one would choose the settings to update windows and device drivers vega-10-graphics. However, after the release of Windows 10, most updates are forced on your system. Apart from the Windows Build updates and forced hot fixes, Windows 10 now updates your device drivers in order to keep your system working at the highest efficiency. This is because Microsoft noticed that most problems on Windows 10 were caused by bad or outdated drivers.

Sound & Audio Problems on Your PC?

Alternatively, you can use a driver updater utility to download and install the correct audio drivers for your computer automatically. You should see the reinstalled audio device listed underneath the Sound, video and game controllers and Audio inputs and outputs sections. If not, right-click a vacant area and select Scan for hardware changes. So these are the 10 methods you can use to fix the no sound issue on Windows 11. I have added all the information you need to troubleshoot audio-related problems, be it on a Windows 11 laptop or desktop.

Check out our guide to learn more about how to turn off exclusive mode. From your Windows taskbar, right-click the sound icon and select Playback devices. While larger audio interfaces have dedicated power supplies, smaller interfaces are often bus powered and receive power when your computer is turned on. If your external devices draw more power than your hub can provide, you may experience loss in connectivity and performance of your interface. Make sure to connect your audio interface directly to your computer, especially when troubleshooting. Find and download the device’s driver software.

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