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The whole idea is that it’s a fully digital platform that allows our clients to come in, download the app from the app store and self-implement within fifteen minutes. They can run payroll on their own, and it becomes easier than chatting with a friend. Roll by ADP continues ADP’s legacy of innovation in the HCM space. The solution pioneers different aspects of how to provide the best service out there, serving, essentially, as a digital assistant. No matter where you work, you’ll be part of an innovative and creative team environment. Close-knit, agile teams underpin our innovation centers and are an integral part of our open culture and identity.

Effortless, intuitive and fun control of your financial life, all from a pay stub that hasn’t fundamentally changed in 40 or 50 years. We built the Pay Lens in record time, with a partner team in Georgia and the Chelsea Lab, and it is now used by more than 3.5 million users each month less than a year after launch. So, to your point, it’s important for us to innovate “outside the box”, but we have plenty of room to innovate in traditional spaces, too. Most people, when they see our new designs and experiences, first cannot believe it is ADP. They also cannot believe that the systems they were using before are now intuitive, approachable…and even fun. I think that’s a direct result of our focus on design, in everything we do here in the Lab.

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See how we help organizations like yours with a wider range of payroll and HR options than any other provider. Rachel identifies the leadership, professional development, and skill-building needs… Before Grovo, Nick worked in sales & marketing at Clickable , where he fatefully sat… The HR space and payroll space are prime for AI to help drive better-informed decision-making that can drive business outcomes. This conversational UI is a perfect conduit to inject analytics and intelligence into the conversation. When many people think about analytics, they think about a dashboard full of pie charts – which is not a good UI for analytics. It’s analytics that users can connect to, evaluate and act on.

One aspect of this is the fight for talent, especially in the tech space. How do you stand out to candidates when compared with peers in the industry? One of the things adp innovation labs that can help is employing innovative technology to help make tasks easier, and enticing talent with the technology they’ll be able to work with and evolve.

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I currently serve as SVP of ADP Innovation Labs – a department that incubates new technologies and creates new products and businesses to add value to the lives of our clients. Some of the projects we have launched include the ADP® Mobile Solutions app and ADP Marketplace, the largest digital one-stop shop for people management solutions. More recently, we launched Roll™ by ADP® – an innovative DIY payroll solution for small businesses. We’re continuously enhancing our market leading platforms with innovations that provide strategic value to our clients. The Hackett Group® is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm, with particular expertise in performance benchmarking and business process reengineering. For companies wanting to optimize their service delivery models, we offer deep expertise in organizational design and in business process outsourcing options including HR outsourcing, IT outsourcing and more. Our cash flow analysis services have helped clients to free up billions of dollars in improved cash flow.

  • He has served as adjunct professor at NYU and regularly lectures at the Stern School of Business.
  • The innovation center is looking to capitalize on Pasadena’s existing business community, combined with prospects from Caltech, Art Center College of Design and Pasadena City College.
  • We combine our trusted expertise with the latest technologies to make sure our customers’ payroll is correct as they run it.

In the same way that we are heavily emphasizing consumerization and design, I expect this new openness to drive an explosion of innovation in HCM and ultimately even improve the way people work. The space will encompass 24,000 square feet and will include exclusive access to a rooftop area. It will house a highly-skilled team of about 120 engineers, anthropologists and data scientists. Next, Roberto and Don highlight a few of the hurdles faced by the Innovation Lab.

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The way they are implemented in Roll by ADP is the perfect medium to put analytics into the conversation at the point of decision making. We do client site visits, where we are literally sitting in the cube with the payroll administrator for days on end. When you are watching and studying what they are doing, the interesting part becomes what they are not doing. What are the post-it notes stuck around the outside of their monitor?

Innovations Shake Up Payroll Technology – SHRM

Innovations Shake Up Payroll Technology.

Posted: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Leveraging the public cloud, they run the most advanced type of computers needed. Unique to ADP is the data capability to create benchmarks in their own space of human capital management and outwards.

We cover the emerging trends and latest developments in HR Technology via news, interviews and HR tech primers to stimulate greater interaction between HR teams and employees. Roberto Masiero is a Vice President, ADP Innovation Labs at ADP based in Roseland, New Jersey. Roberto joined ADP in 2000 when B&M, his company in Brazil (a software company that provided HR/Payroll SaaS and consultancy for large latin-america corporations), was acquired by ADP Brazil. Over the last 12 years he lead several research and development teams on core ADP solutions.

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